Meet Fancy Nancy

So nice to meet you and welcome to my website! I'm Nancy and I have a passion for creating and crafting! It all started when as a little girl and was surrounded by creative family members who influenced me. I watched my mother sew, making the most fabulous custom tailored clothing for both herself and the cutest outfits for me. My father was an avid woodworker building furniture and took on the project of designing and building our family cabin. Both of my grandmothers were always working on some sort of a creative project whether it was needlepoint, crocheting or knitting. While growing up, I curiously watched my mother and our dear friend Sharon make crafts together which they then sold at craft shows. I saw the fun that they had and found myself later in life participating and hosting home boutiques where I made and sold my various handmade items.  

My home boutiques were paused for several years while my husband Peter and I raised our twin daughters Hannah and Kaitlyn. The boutiques may have been put on hold but the crafts continued as school projects were assigned, birthday parties were hosted, and classroom and teacher gifts were coordinated and created.  

I found that when my daughters started college I had more time to devote again to my passion and what I really enjoyed was making unique personalized items that are customized just for you. You will find me hand engraving tumblers, sewing pillows and embellishing them with quotes or your home GPS coordinates, embroidering robes, towels and sweatshirts, creating projects out of reclaimed wood and when it's time for the holidays the creativity goes into full swing with ornaments and other fun holiday decor items. And like the home that I grew up in, my daughters not only inspire me with their ideas but when time allows, will help me with my various projects. I cannot forget to mention that Peter is pretty darn crafty himself. He is talented with building furniture and turning wood creating pens, bottle openers and bowls...let's see if I can get him to add a few items to the site soon!

I now host pop-up boutiques during the holidays and participate in various craft shows throughout the year which allows me to connect with my customers personally which I absolutely love. But I'm also happy to connect with you here. If you have an idea that you don't see listed on the site, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always up for a good crafting challenge and love new ideas that can be tailored to my customers. You can also see what I'm up to on Instagram @Fancy.Nancy.Creations or doing short demonstrations on TikTok @FancyNancyCreations.